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Zoar Church

The Zoar Moravian Church is located in rural Carver County, Minnesota.  The Church is at 8265 County Road 10, East of Waconia. 

Established in about 1858, this church was built in 1863 by its congregation of immigrants from Hopedale, Pennsylvania. The congregation disbanded in the 1940's, but the church is still maintained and used by the Waconia Moravian Church congregation. This church has no heat or plumbing.

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This church is on the National Register of Historic Places.

NRHP Reference#: 80001985
Added to NRHP: January 4, 1980


The Zoar Church Diary of Moravian Pastor Theodor Sondermann, 1879-1886,


More than just a pastoral diary, these entries provide rare insights into pioneer life on the Minnesota prairies of the 1880's.  Sonderman was not only a man of God, but also of his community.  He shared their lives to the fullest - whether mourning with families losing their newborns, or heading out on a snowy winter's night to offer comfort and communion to the dying.  Today's families or every origin and background will find this book a wealth of detailed information about their ancestors and a must for a wide range of geneological and historical pursuits. 

220 pages including records of family births, deaths and marriages.  Several photos included with families and a county map.

Wendy Peterson Bjorn, Executive Director, Carver County Historical Society, Waconia, MN notes that Laurel Means does an excellent job of translating the Moravian Church Diaries.  She not only translates them into English, she makes them enjoyable to read with added insight and information.  This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the Moravian Church or has family who attended the church.

Contact Virginia Rowe at vcmrowe@centurylink.net to order for purchase.

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