Tithes & Offering

It is good and right that we give back, as God has given with his grace and love. Please view the ways that you can give back during the next couple months as we travel together through these unprecidented times.

Three primary ways you can contribute to Waconia Moravian Church

Option 1 

Mail / In–Person (Checks only please).

a. Address: 209 East Second St., Waconia, MN 55387


Option 2

Waconia Moravian Church Giving Portal (Credit Card or Direct Debit)

a. https://mmfa.onfo/waconia-moravian-church-donation-form/

b. This is the preferred approach if using direct debit from your bank account, given it only has a $0.75 fee per transaction.


Option 3
PayPal (Credit Card or Direct Debit)

a. PayPal Email: office@waconiamoravian.org

b. This is the preferred approach if using a credit card (or PayPal account) given it has a lower transaction fee as compared to the giving portal.